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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Common Ecommerce Mistakes #2: Making Your Business All About You

In the last article we met a customer of mine with an online gift shop idea that was doomed to fail before it even got off the ground. In that article I talked about the mistake he made trying to sell lots of different types of products on one website.

Sadly for him, that was not his only mistake…


A Difficult Question

“Who are your target customers?” I asked.

He looked at me blankly. I tried rephrasing the question.

“What sort of people do you think will be shopping at your store?”

“Well… Everyone”, he replied proudly, “everyone needs gifts don’t they? And my gifts are brilliant.”

He is no longer trading.


Find A Need And Meet It

You see, the problem with most startup ecommerce businesses is that they are terribly excited about what they are planning … READ MORE