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Ecommerce Solutions With SellerDeck

sellerdeck logoSellerDeck is a market leading ecommerce system. Developed in the UK since 1998, SellerDeck combines a powerful range of features with a simple interface which makes day-to-day tasks quick and simple.

The key differentiator of SellerDeck is that it’s desktop based – you make all the changes you want in a piece of software on your PC and then publish those changes to the web when you are ready. The advantage of a desktop-based solution is that it is speedy to use and the actual online store pages are fast-loading, clean, attractive and highly customisable. The disadvantage is that if you want a team of people processing orders then you will need to purchase a set of additional software licenses.

Most of Random River’s sites are built using SellerDeck and we have no hesitation with recommending it for most of the projects we develop.

Read more about SellerDeck’s features and pricing on its website.

Examples of sites built using SellerDeck:

Many more can be seen on the Porfolio page.