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Adalise / De Mexico


Two sites for the price of one? Well almost.

Adalise wanted a website to offer their stunning range of contemporary silver jewellery to retail customers, but also provide a way for their wholesale business (called ‘De Mexico’) to offer the same jewellery at trade prices to other businesses. The solution Random River came up with was to build a single Actinic store that showed different branding whether people are retail customers or wholesale customers. So if you go to you will experience the site as a retail customer, but if you go to here you would be able to log into the same site as a trade customer and see different prices and branding.

The site design is an elegant understated design that shows off the excellent photography of the lovely jewellery. Random River also built a custom page navigation system that shows 12 products in each page and allows customers to easily view the next/previous page of products.