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Thanks for visiting! Random River is currently on hiatus while Chris is pursuing other projects.

Anything Left-Handed

Anything Left-HandedAnything Left-Handed is by far the biggest site Random River has completed so far. It involved several significant challenges:

  • Supplying a completely new design for an existing, substantial Actinic store
  • Moving a large set of information pages into a new WordPress-based site
  • Incorporating the WordPress and Actinic sites together with common navigation across both parts of the site
  • Moving the site to a new server and a new domain name, whilst not losing search engine rankings

The new site is a result of the effort and ideas from both Random River and Keith and Lauren Milsom at Anything Left Handed, who were very active in the process. The new site is much simpler, much more search engine friendly and much easier to maintain – which will give Keith and Lauren more time in the future to focus on their product range and online marketing strategies.