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Cigars Unlimited

Cigars Unlimited

The challenge with updating a long-established online business is two-fold:

Firstly you have to grapple with updating data and product images which have been added over many years by many different people and are a long way from being in a standard format.

Secondly, a well-established site will have a good search engine position which they want to hang onto even though every single page of the site is going to be radically changed.

The approach Random River adopted was to implement some code which took all the different size and shapes of the product images, and resized them all so that they appear as regular squares. We also created two different styles of product pages – one which laid out products with a large product image and long description, and one which laid out everything in a single line, with an option to smoothly expand to show more details. This latter option allows customers to easily browse some of Cigar Unlimited’s large ranges of cigars.

The site now has a much improved look and feel, with a smart home page, and has held its position at the top of the search engine rankings for their key search terms.