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Crew Safe - Safe –

Crew-Safe is a great example of the Random River design ethos – a site that is clean & modern with simple graphics that do not distract from the products.

One clever feature is the use of SellerDeck’s new filtering functionality to automatically populate sections with products from across the store that all share the same brand. Take a look at this link for an example of a page that has no products in it, but which is automatically populated by an online filter query – in this case showing all products within the ‘Baltic’ brand.

The biggest challenge in this site, however, was how to structure the products within the SellerDeck product pages. If you take a look at you’ll see a product available in two colours, with each one available in a range of sizes. Random River had to figure out whether to use sophisticated components and permutations to control the product selection, or whether there was an option that would be simpler for the customer and for the client. In the end, we decided on each product colour choice coming from a separate product and the design itself cleverly displaying the products in rows as required.

We are very pleased the website and it seems to have been received very well with orders flowing through at a higher rate than usual (we took our first order 10 minutes after going live!).
Peter from Crew Safe