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Fast Light

Fast LightFast Light is an online retailer selling specialist lighting for aquariums, commercial premises and horticulture. They had been using Actinic since version 7 but the site was in need of some modernisation and also some clarification in terms of defining and separating their three product ranges.

Random River worked with an external designer to create a modern look and feel that, with a few lighting effects courtesy of Photoshop, created a great looking basis for the store pages.

The challenge with the redesign was to implement a new design in such a way as to minimise the interruption to the running of the live business. This meant that any content changes or restructuring had to be kept to a minimum, and the bulk of the work needed to be in the HTML layouts.

In the end, the entire upgrade and launch of the site was done in a morning, and the customer already reports that visitors and sales are on the up.