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MagnificoSelling magnifying glasses online presents some interesting challenges.

First of all it would be very easy for the site to get bogged down with technical details with all the different lens sizes, focal widths, and so on. To help with this, Random River created a set of easy-to-navigate FAQ pages – with expanding and contracting items – to help people understand what product was right for them.

Another challenge is that many of the target customers will have some sort of visual impairment, so we needed to make sure the site would still work when people had their screen resolutions turned right down. To this end we kept the site within an 800 pixel width, and had all navigation (that would usually be in a sidebar) coming down from the top of the design.

The final challenge was that many of Magnifico’s customers were older than the average online shopper so we had to make sure the site was clean, clear and easy to understand.

The end result is an attractive modern site that appears simple, but includes a lot of sophisticated tailored functionality.