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One Stop Order Processing

The site for One Stop Order Processing was an interesting challenge. One the one hand it’s a fairly small store, with just a couple of products, so it wasn’t as big a job as some of the other sites that Random River have taken on over the years.

One the other hand, despite the relatively small size of the site, there were a lot of complex requirements to take into account. A sophisticated feature comparison table was required, which could then be managed from within the SellerDeck interface. Also, the details of the products needed to be managed within a set of tabs, and all the different download versions of the software needed to be detailed.

Over and above all this was a branding job to make sure that One Stop Order Processing has it’s own unique identity but also fits within the family of Mole-End’s websites (

The result is a clean modern site which makes complex software products easy to understand and engage with.