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Page 45

Page 45Page 45 is a fantastic comic store based in Nottingham that sells a brilliant range of graphic novels, comics and merchandise. I already knew about it (being a bit of a comics geek) so when they called Random River asking for a site design I leapt at the chance.

Although when I saw the brief I was a little intimidated to say the least!

Not only did they require an online store built in Actinic for their many thousands of titles, they required it to be linked to their store tills. In addition to that they needed a blog, extensive website and a forum.

For the store tills they had already invested in Actinic EPOS, and they worked with Actinic directly to integrate that side of things together. My biggest job was to set up a complex WordPress site, which needed to look different on different pages, and also support a gallery and all sorts of contact forms. One advantage of using WordPress was that I could use the Simple:Press Forum plugin which implemented the online forum very well.

But the technical challenges of integrating all these different elements together online where more than made up for by the pleasure of working with a local artist for all the wonderful graphics, icons and images.

Chris Dicken – Random River