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Stanley Ley

Stanley LeyStanley Ley –

Most of the businesses Random River deals with have been around for less than 10 years. Stanley Ley is very different. It’s been around since 1903, selling wigs, gowns and accessories to the legal profession from their Fleet Street store for over 100 years.

When designing a store for this sort of business, it’s not about being flashy or clever. It’s about reflecting the class, quality and reliability of such a long-established business in ecommerce form. It’s also about recognising the fact that the typical customer of a legal outfitters is likely to very different from, say, the average customer of a computer hardware store. So the site was designed from the ground up to be as easy as possible to use, and as simple as possible for the busy store owner to maintain.

The result is an attractive and deceptively simple store that has resulted in their online takings seeing a positive change.

Update: In 2013 Random River did a design refresh of the Stanley Ley store. The purpose of the redesign was two-fold. Firstly it was to update the design to be sleeker and more modern.The main reason for the update, however, was to make the design even easier to use for the team – esplecially with the introduction of multiple alternative images and zoomable images that the Stanley Ley team can control themselves.