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Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle TwinkleThe first main challenge in this site design was to make the shop work for the target market – i.e. sleep-deprived new mothers with a baby in one hand while they shop for eco-friendly nappies with the other hand. It had to be simple and clear, with nice big navigation buttons, and not too much complicated detail. You can see this approach in the homepage, where the three big buttons communicate both the key values of the store, and provide a quick way for new customers to start shopping.

The second main challenge was how to create a new fresh design for a site that had remained largely unchanged for the last few years. The approach taken was to move the site to a summary/details structure where customers could scan a whole page of nappies quickly and then just click on the ones they are interested in to read more detail. An expanding navigation system was also implemented to help customers navigate the many different kinds of nappies.