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Random River’s Secrets For Successful Websites

There are three things that are essential to make your site work.


There’s no point having a presence up on the web and not telling anyone about it. It’s like holding a party, but not sending out any invitations.

Visibility is key – if you’re not seen, you may as well not exist.

There are two parts to visibility.

Normal (Offline) Marketing – No-one understands your customers better than you do. What Random River can do is help you with ideas about how to reach them and to provide incentives for them to visit your site. Traditional marketing methods such as magazine advertising, direct mail and roadshows are proven to be as successful, if not more successful, than promotion purely through the internet.

Online Marketing – Search engines are free to be listed in, but the amount of effort get your site listed in a good position is formidable. All designs by Random River come ready-optimised to work well with search engines and we can also provide advice on other key factors in making sure your site will succeed. We can also help with paid online advertising – these are those ads you see down the right-hand side of Google – helping you with what works and what doesn’t.


When a new customer arrives at your site, you have about three seconds to convince them that they have come to the right place. Your content has to be clear and well written and the navigation on your site has to be obvious, intuitive and in a prominent place. Most of all though, your design needs to be modern, clean, uncluttered and unfussy – allowing your products and services to shine out and not be obscured behind over-fussy designs.

As well as professional designs, Random River customers have the option of our copy-editing and presentation service to polish your content before publishing it on the web.


Since 1999 the Disability Discrimination Act states that:

“it (is) unlawful for a service provider to discriminate against a disabled person by refusing to provide any service which it provides to members of the public” (section 2.2).

It also states:

“For people with visual impairments, the range of auxiliary aids or services which it might be reasonable to provide to ensure that services are accessible might include … accessible websites.” (section 5.23)

What does that mean for your site? It simply means that your design must be understandable to someone using a ‘screen reading device’ to read out the content of the page, and it must have clean, clear layout for people with any impairment to their vision. All designs by Random River will be accessible from the word go – thus reducing the need later on for costly re-designs. The great thing about accessiblity, though, is that an accessible site is visible to everyone – whether it’s someone browsing with a handheld device (if you don’t believe me, try going to on your mobile phone) or a blind person using a screen reader to read out the text. Also, search engines LOVE accessible sites as they can easily read the content and help you get a good listing.